Full Name
Noor Tajik
Sustainability Support, President's Office, University of Regina
Speaker Bio
Noor Tajik is a student studying Environmental Systems Engineering and holds the position as Sustainability Support for the President's Office at the University of Regina. Noor is an advocate for equal access to resources, and her research interests are in drinking water quality for remote areas and integrating GIS applications for environmental benefit. Noor has started a remote water testing pilot project in the northern areas of Manitoba to address this issue. Alongside her studies, Noor also manages a non-profit gardening project in Saskatchewan, focused on SDG #2 (Zero Hunger) #3 (Good Health and Well-Being) and #11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). Noor is excited to learn about initiatives being done Canada wide by the youth of today, as she started many of her projects by utilizing similar platforms. She believes that these initiatives will help accelerate sustainable development in Canada.
Noor Tajik