Full Name
Gord Rand
Actor, playwright and filmmaker, Founding Member of Artists for Real Climate Action
Speaker Bio
Gord is an actor, playwright and film director who has worked on stages and screens across North America, making appearances on Orphan Black, Chapelwaite and Transplant, as well as playing the title roles in Hamlet and Oedipus Rex. He wrote the plays Pond Life, The Trouble with Mr Adams and Yacht Rock. He is a founding member of Artists for Real Climate Action and has helped to write, produce and direct several of their videos.

Gord est un acteur, dramaturge et réalisateur de films qui a travaillé sur les scènes et les écrans de toute l’Amérique du Nord, faisant des apparitions dans Orphan Black, Chapelwaite et Transplant, et jouant les rôles titres dans Hamlet et Oedipus Rex. Il a écrit les pièces Pond Life, The Trouble with Mr Adams et Yacht Rock. Il est l’un des membres fondateurs d’Artists for Real Climate Action et a participé à l’écriture, à la production et à la réalisation de plusieurs de leurs vidéos.
Gord Rand